Meet Our Team

Our team will provide strategic counsel to students and families as they embark on the college and career search process by equipping them with the knowledge and insight to propel them into their future with purpose.

Merritt Nelson

Founder, CEO, President

Dr. Nila Nielsen

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Steve Bullock

Advisory Board Member

Tania Guadalupe

Advisory Board Member

Shawn Peterson

Advisory Board Member

Aaron Davis

Advisory Board Member

Merritt Nelson, Founder, CEO, President of With Purpose Consulting Group, LLC

As a former vice president for enrollment management and marketing at a top university, Merritt has comprehensive experience with the entire admission process. As an executive leader of the admissions, financial aid, and marketing departments for undergraduate and graduate divisions, Merritt is a college admissions expert and is ready for you to benefit from his insight and experience. He knows the process from beginning to end, understands what colleges are looking for in their prospects and can help you get into the college of your dreams. Merritt and his teams have reviewed tens of thousands of college applications and worked with thousands of students securing their financial aid packages. Upon acceptance, Merritt will help you leverage your financial aid opportunities and secure as much money and as many scholarships as possible. Merritt has been featured on several nationally syndicated tv, radio, and streamed media outlets for his innovation in enrollment management. Merritt leads the College Consulting Division and looks forward to serving students and giving them every opportunity to successfully pursue their college dreams. Merritt holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration and Leadership as well as several other certificates and endorsements. Before his time in higher education, Merritt spent seventeen years as a high school teacher, coach, and administrator. Merritt has four children; two currently in college and twin daughters that are juniors in high school. Having recently been through the college selection process twice, and being in the midst of it again, has served to be advantageous as he consults and leads others in the same journey.

Dr. Nila Nielsen, Advisory Board Member; Leadership Development

Dr. Nielsen’s brilliant ‘spark’ motivates others to find a path to success. As a former principal, special education teacher and counselor, she served to strengthen education by serving on national, state and local boards that focused on providing quality education. Her experience includes teaching students at all levels including pre-K-12, higher education, and adult learners.  In her work, Dr. Nielsen fought to improve education through her service on the Board of Directors for the Nebraska Association of School Administrators, the Nebraska Elementary and Middle School Principal Association and on the UNO-Metro Board of Phi Delta Kappa. She completed her doctoral program from the University of Nebraska, Omaha. Among her many honors, Nila was a recipient of the Nebraska Jaycees coveted Young Educator’s Award, and was honored as the Administrator of the Year by her school district. Throughout her extensive and diverse experience as an educator, Nila’s work focused on the unique talents of the individual student. This remains her passion as she continues to counsel and provide support to those who struggle within the educational system. Dr. Nielsen will focus on leadership development for employees and clients of With Purpose Consulting Group, LLC. In her spare time, Nila, a certified humor therapist, is an active volunteer for the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor where she currently serves as a Director and Instructor for the Humor Academy program.

Dr. Steve Bullock, Advisory Board Member; Partnership Development

Dr. Bullock has a Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska and has spent nearly twenty years as a leader in higher education. He has served a variety of roles, including professor, board chairman, vice president and provost as well as other senior leadership positions at both large public institutions and small private institutions.  Additionally, Dr. Bullock has consulted with dozens of colleges and universities ranging from community colleges to select institutions with rigid admission requirements.  As a consultant, Dr. Bullock identified opportunities to create better access for underrepresented populations. He is well known for his ability to create strategic enrollment solutions while maintaining the academic integrity institutions desire. More recently, he has undertaken a number of investments in the private sector, particularly in the healthcare arena.  Dr. Bullock is a Co-Founder of OpenBook Pharmacy Advisors. As an Advisory Board Member, Dr. Bullock will be responsible for partnership development on a national scale for With Purpose Consulting Group, LLC. Dr. Bullock is passionate about education and finding solutions for students and employers to address the issues of the next generation. On a personal level, Dr. Bullock is married to Drlynn Bullock and has four children, including two who are collegiate (D1) athletes, one high school, and one middle school student.

Tania Guadalupe, Advisory Board Member; Bilingual, Documentation, and Immigation Support

Tania Guadalupe is not a CEO of a successful company, she does not hold a PhD, and does not have years and years of consulting experience. Tania is a new mother to Julietita and a first generation college graduate. Tania, in many ways, was the inspiration behind With Purpose Consulting Group, LLC. As a high school student, Tania did not have many options for college and didn’t have the funding or the savings to pursue the same dream many others do. As a student in one of Dannika Nelson’s (With Purpose Consulting Co-Founder) high school science classes, Tania shared her dream of wanting to go to college. Dannika committed to helping Tania pursue this dream, was relentless in opening doors and opportunities for Tania, and assisted in every part of the college search and application process. Dannika helped Tania fill out college applications, assisted her with college visits, provided guidance and proofed her essay and personal statement. Tania was in many ways, the very first client of With Purpose Consulting, LLC – even before the company was a business or had a name. Tania’s success story, leaving home and heading to the big city for college, figuring out ways to pay for it, choosing a major, and eventually graduating (with honors from college in 2020) is the first of many With Purpose success stories. Tania assists clients who have language barriers, counsels first generation college students and their families, and helps students overcome immigration and documentation barriers in order to help them find their purpose in life.

Shawn Peterson, Advisory Board Member; Sales Solutions

Shawn Peterson is the CEO of Quantum Business Solutions and former CEO of Liberty Business Systems, Inc. He has a passion for helping people find their purpose in life and gets energy by creating solutions to help people maximize their talents. He comes with extensive experience in the technology services industry as an executive. Shawn is a visionary focused on high growth and performance through sales, marketing, and client experience. He is known for driving brand growth, maximizing operational efficiency, and delivering financial performance. He realizes that great people in the right seats, equipped with the right tools and development, is the most important ingredient to business success. Shawn’s passion is helping organizations optimize sales and marketing process, utilizing the Quantum Growth Model to 5-10X sales productivity in 180 days. Shawn’s primary responsibility as an Advisory Board Member will be providing oversight and leadership in process streamline and creating sales solutions and sales efficiencies for With Purpose Consulting Group, LLC. When Shawn isn’t working on growing organizations, he enjoys spending time with his family. Other hobbies include: traveling, running, boating, and yoga.

Aaron Davis, Advisory Board Member; Growth Strategies and Personal Development

Aaron Davis is a thought leader and expert in the area of attitude and how it impacts every area of your life! He equips people with tips, tools and techniques on how to utilize the power of a Champion Attitude to reach their full potential! Aaron was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. As a professional speaker, coach, and trainer, Aaron doesn’t believe in just making audiences “feel” better. Rather, he seeks to encourage and help them “Do” better by stressing the importance of a Champion Attitude! When you work with Aaron, you won’t get just another guy “telling” others how to be successful. He’s in the trenches every day coaching and consulting with clients. Aaron has spent significant time in both the High School and Higher Education markets. Aaron’s speaking and consulting company Aaron Davis Presentations, Inc. received the Chamber of Commerce’s “Outstanding Minority Owned Business” award and Toastmasters International awarded him the “Communication & Leadership Award”. The Lincoln Business Journal also named Aaron as one of Lincoln’s 40 under 40. More notably, he received the Key to the city of Lincoln by former Lincoln Mayor Colleen Seng! A published author, Aaron has written three books and co-authored two others that are changing the lives of thousands! Aaron’s primary responsibility as an Advisory Board Member will be providing oversight and leadership in growth strategies and personal development for With Purpose Consulting Group, LLC. He resides in Nebraska with his wife Brooke and their two sons Aden and Keenon and Daughter Niya.